Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Von Helton, a paranoid schizophrenic pedophile piece of crap

Credit goes to http://thepunisherrevealed.blogspot.com/ for all the information.

The Von Helton/Kelly Chat

It’s well-known that Helton likes his girls young, and there has been plenty of evidence he has lured teenage girls to his trailer on pretense of ‘protecting’ or ‘helping’ them. He tried to get a confused 15-year-old girl to come to his trailer so he could ‘cure’ her with his vampire blood. He is actually known not only as a doom-and-gloom fear monger, but also as ‘that weird guy’ who likes underage girls.

People laugh, but it’s not really funny.

His latest escapade into teenage girl-dom was his Blogtv chat with ‘Kelly,’ who was portrayed as a 14-year-old girl who he tried to convince to come to his trailer so that he could ‘protect’ her from one of his disasters-of-the-month. She offered to show him photos of her nude at 13 years old with a topless 12-year-old friend. Needless to say, Helton not only agreed but insisted they be sent immediately.

‘Kelly’ was an adult man who, along with several others, set up this chat in order to show Helton for the disgusting pervert that he is. When the ‘Kelly chat’ went viral on YouTube, Helton was exposed. The chat videos are now on several sites on the internet, including private sites like this one and will never be taken down.

Because he is a walking contradiction, Helton continues to deny that he wanted nude photos of who he believed was a teenage girl. Yet at the same time, he admits he walked a fine line. He says he was trying to draw the girl out in order to ‘expose the haters.’ Judging from the chat itself, it is clear that that is a blatant lie among all the other lies he has told regarding this little episode.

The fact is that this exposure scared Helton badly. He got rid of his hard drive, cleaned out his closets, and told people his wife was in the hospital due to ‘stress.’ There has been some conjecture that his child-bride left for a few days with the evidence and got rid of it, but at this point it’s only a guess.

As of now, Helton is being a good boy, but there is always the danger that he will soon take up his old habits. Since pedophiles (and hebephiles) are compelled to seek out underage children, they always revert to being what they are: sexual predators.

Who is Von Helton?

Irvin Eugene Helton, Jr. is 47 years old and looks like a poorly kept 60. He was most likely bullied as a child. People he grew up with remember him as a gullible person who believed everything he was told. As a teenager, guys hung out with him because he was the guy with a car. It’s likely he was never successful with girls. Somehow he came to believe he was a vampire. He took martial arts classes and thought he had become a ninja. He delivered pizzas wearing a ninja costume. He claims he designed what was later to become the prototype of the stealth fighter. As an adult he had all of his teeth removed but says he’s still a vampire with allergies to the sun and garlic. He enlisted with the army and after nine months either went AWOL or left to take care of his ailing father. Either way, he has failed to produce his discharge papers (DD214), claiming he left them in a duffel bag at the airport.

Helton worked in his parents’ nursing home for 14 years, and then the timeline becomes sketchy. To hear Helton, he would have you believe that he was a ghost hunter, a vigilante fighting evil, a lead singer, and a host of other things that make absolutely no sense at all.

He married and divorced. Sometime later, a woman told him she wanted to have his baby, so he obliged. He discovered later that she expected him to pay child support and hasn’t worked since. He refuses to claim the child as his. She has taken him to court several times for failure to pay child support. He insists the child is a clone and that she took his hair or nails to get a DNA test. Anyone who knows how DNA testing works would know that blood is drawn from mother and baby to determine paternity. The results were pretty convincing (to everyone but Helton) since they were 99.999% percent positive he was the father.

He discovered the internet forums and began posting to Christian, pagan, and vampire sites. At one point, he stalked a girl, then claimed that evil spells were cast upon him and he was going to make everyone pay. He says at one time he was a Satanist more evil than Satanists themselves. He tried to convince a teenage girl she needed to come to his home so he could save her with his vampire blood.

Helton says he took real estate law and was a head juror, so he knows about law. He probably took a semester and flunked out or quit. He thinks he is the comic book character ‘The Punisher.’ He claims to be at least 100% Cherokee, a descendant of Vlad Tepes, related to Robert Frost, and German royalty. He believes he deserves the titles ‘Baron’ and ‘Lord.’

At some point he started using cocaine, but says his vampiric metabolism protected him.
Somehow he got a gullible 18-year-old girl to quit college and come to live with him. He was 43 or 44 years old. She is not what one would call intelligent or having any kind of common sense. She is now 21 years old and has a child under the age of one year. She is pregnant with twins with one month to go before giving birth. Apparently Helton does not believe in birth control, probably because he is trying to breed a new race of humans to repopulate the world. Also, people on welfare receive more money the more children they have, so one cannot help but think that is part of the reason.

Helton is the doom-and-gloom conspiracy theorist type who firmly believes he is doing a public service by telling people that if they don’t run to the hills and stock up on weapons like he has done, they will perish when the next ‘disaster’ occurs. The beginnings of his videos feature him pointing a gun at the camera. He is a polygamist who wants a harem to repopulate the planet following whatever great catastrophe is going to occur next month. Every one of his predictions have failed.

He is convinced that dinosaurs live on other planets. He watches YouTube videos made by conspiracy theorists and believes there are two suns, the supermoon has come to kill us, and that comets are really the mythical Nibiru, a planet X-type theory that has never been proven. He is running for President of the United States, even though he has neither enough money to run a campaign nor enough to fill out the paperwork to officially enter.

He believes ETs exist and, while that is not crazy in itself, sees fake, debunked photos of ‘aliens’ and believes they are real. He believes Planet X is coming to destroy the world and that he has had a ‘mantle’ placed upon him by the gods and that he has a great and glorious future.

Helton has become so delusional he is close to the point of lunacy. He has built a complete fantasy world around himself out of the disappointment his life has become. If he were half of the things he claims to be, he would be incredibly rich and famous, a political genius, and over one hundred years old.

Helton the Narcissist

Helton fits the criteria for a mental disorder called narcissism. He demands attention, hates to be wrong, believes he is more special than any other human being, and lashes out at his detractors and debunkers for not believing him. He is arrogant and believes he is superior. He requires a great deal of admiration. He exploits every situation he can to the point of making things up. He has become a hateful human being. He has no sense of morality or justice. He makes death threats and encourages his followers to do the same. He is in love with himself, or rather, the person he imagines himself to be.

Narcissists get worse over the years and Helton is close to the tipping point. There is concern over whether he will become violent toward his wife and children. Narcissists do not care about the feelings of others.

The best way to deal with a narcissist is to point out their errors. They are vulnerable to any sort of criticism. They hate to be humiliated. Since they have no empathy, do not try to appeal to their sense of decency. They have none. They are liars who will always try to make themselves come out on top. Narcissists do not generally seek help because they do not believe there is anything wrong with them, so encouraging them to seek help will not be effective.

If one were to see the progression of his YouTube videos, one would see that Helton progressed from a happy-go-lucky (albeit delusional) kind of guy to a hateful fearmonger who has no respect for anything, not even his wife and children. It is apparent that his narcissism and delusions have continued to become worse and, sooner rather than later, he will either end up in jail or worse.

Who is the ‘Punisher?’

James Paul von Helton (born Irvin Eugene Helton, Jr.) is a popular YouTube character who preaches doom and gloom with wildly inaccurate predictions and end-of-the-world scenarios featuring flavor-of-the-month disasters. He takes old news and reports it as new. He has the gullibility of a child who never stopped believing in the boogeyman.

Helton lacks simple reading comprehension skills and never fully reads a news article. He interprets what has been written to suit his own needs and calls himself a ‘reporter.’

Helton is an almost pure narcissist who demands attention and becomes angry when others criticize him. He believes he is larger than life and can recite a list of ‘accomplishments.’ He claims he is royalty, a vampire, and as an army private had higher clearance than the President. He claims he gave up a life in politics to become a welfare case living in a singlewide trailer. He is ever trying to make himself look important. He cannot stand to be laughed at.

Helton is so dissatisfied with the failure of his life (his own doing, since everything he has tried has seemed too much like real work) that he makes up stories in which he is some kind of hero and has done so many marvelous things he cannot name them all. He thinks in terms of comic book characters and believes he is the human incarnation of Frank Castle’s ‘The Punisher.’

His personal life is just as disturbing. He met an 18-year-old girl on the internet and convinced her to leave college and come to live with him. She is now 21 and has a baby under 12 months old with twins on the way. It is apparent that she is not very bright. Unfortunately, she is gullible enough to believe what Helton says and that he will protect her from whichever doomsday is imminent.

Helton has another child from a different mother, whom he refuses to claim and swears is a ‘clone,’ even though DNA testing confirms the child is his. He has been taken to court several times for failing to pay child support. This is one reason he will not get a job and lives on government handouts instead of working and supporting his family. He has no concept of responsibility.

He is also a hebephile and an ephebophile. In psychological terms, a hebephile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children between the ages of 11 and 14. An ephebophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children between the ages of 15 and 19. In the eyes of the law, he is a pedophile. He has recently been outed in a chat in which he agreed to receiving nude photos of a 13-year-old girl. Following the chat logs being uploaded to YouTube, Helton cleaned out his closets and got rid of his hard drive. Hundreds of tips to Kentucky police (including a call from a police officer) led to an investigation. The current status of the investigation is unknown, but it has been pointed out that it takes time to set up a sting in order for him to be caught in the act by the police or FBI and arrested.
Pedophiles, hebephiles, and ephebophiles act out of compulsion and the lack of believing that what they are doing is morally wrong, so it is only a matter of time before Helton is caught again, this time by the authorities. Due to his history of liking the young ones, it is believed he follows a pattern. He has been caught several times trying to lure teenage girls to his home under pretense of ‘protecting’ them.

Helton classifies himself as being in the truther community, the birther community, and the UFO community. His subscribers are called ‘vontards’ and are the hardcore survivalist sort. Most are not very bright. Some take photos of streetlights and call them UFOs or demons. Some make videos of clouds and think they are Planet X. They believe what he says, even though common sense should tell them he is a delusional social reject who makes up stories as he goes along. These people support Helton vehemently and have gone so far as to make death threats and embark upon false-flagging campaigns to stop Helton’s debunkers.

Helton also has subscribers that simply use him for entertainment. These individuals know Helton is full of BS and egg him on to do other stupid things, like singing karaoke. Helton is so tone deaf he isn’t even in the ballpark. He imagines he used to do lead vocals in a band.

Irvin Helton is a psychologist’s dream. Unfortunately, he will not seek help and will only get it after he has been convicted and sent to jail.
Helton believes he was blessed by the gods and has been given a great responsibility to rebuild society following 2012.


  1. Excellent stuff, absolutely the truth on that fool.

  2. People are afraid of what they don't know.
    The mind should be a dual hinged door. Opening inwards and outwards to allow any and all knowledge to flow in either direction. Albeit possible that he is a delusional pedophile, he can still have an accurate theory.

    Very extensive biography on Von Helton, I must say. Must have taken a lot of time-wasting to write so much hateful things about someone you will most probably never meet.

    1. It's very sad that you support such a man. The way he yells and carries on is an emotional abuse towards the children. He doesn't have to be yelling at the children for it to affect them. The yelling and carrying on is enough to damage them. He should not be around those children unsupervised much less have custody of them. Andrea needs parenting classes before she should have them and only if she stays away from Helton. I know you will see my comment as a "Von Helton hater" or a "troll", but I don't have to know the man personally to see the emotional damage he is doing to his children and wife. The way he acts in his videos is enough evidence.

  3. He's a pedophile that preys on young girls in chatrooms. That automatically cancels out EVERYTHING he has said or will ever say, whether it be true or nothing more than a tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theory.

  4. Hey, I happen to LIKE von Helton. He's alot like the crazy uncle who stands on the porch in his underwear clutching his Remington and screaming that aliens are in the White House so we should stock up on food and duct tape. You know for a FACT Every family has one of those. I'm lucky enough to have one on each side :) Now I just have to get them together, get them both drunk (shouldn't be a problem) and eat my popcorn as they go on a rampage. bwahaha.

  5. In a dispute Andréa though a mouse had Von a computer mouse. Von claimed he could have been killed as Computer mouse so he took out a 44 revolver and pointed in he face and said to his own wife "I SHOULD KILL YOU". Me. Helton live miles out in the country so Andréa had to contact some to take her to a safe house. She left Von and is now active in a very good church. The Kentucky courts are slow but Andréa will have those kids back shortly. Von Helton is an abusive man though he never hit her he kept her trapped in the trailer he yells at he doesn't let her sleep. Von Helton even mocks the Christian GOD and blames him for his problems, alone with the trolls. Von Helton accuses Andréa of being a sex craved person this is a lire and is totally slanderous. Andréa is a sweet person who is faithful to GOD and very active in her church. Von asused other people of slander when he him self is the most slanderous person I have ever meet.

    1. Whoever wrote this is either illiterate or not a native English speaker.

  6. I just recently ran across Helton's videos. I couldn't tear myself away from them. You wrote a great article. It was well thought out and had some good factual information that can be substantiated just by watching his videos. I am in shock that the state lets them have the children. He is not fit to be a parent and never will be and Andrea needs parenting classes before taking on the task of taking care of three children who will probably be special needs. She should also be monitored for a couple of years to make sure she is doing what is best for the children.