Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gruesome details revealed in dismemberment murder

More gruesome details have been revealed during the trial of a man accused of killing a woman and cutting up her body.

Clarence Jenkins is standing trial for murder in the 2008 death of Mekole Harris.

On Wednesday, his wife, Carman Jenkins, testified against him. She pleaded guilty two weeks ago to her part in the crime and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Harris’ hand and feet were found in plastic bags outside two homes in Greenville. Carman Jenkins said she and her husband strangled Harris with cable wire.

She said her husband controlled her.

"He actually held a knife to me one evening because I didn't say exactly what he asked me to over the phone," she said.

She said her husband forced her to be a part of the killing.

"He's like, ‘I want you to go in there, and I want you to kill the lady in there.’"

She said "I come up behind her with the cable wire and tried to strangle her and she's fighting, struggling hard. I can't hold onto her anymore, and so he takes the cable cord from me and ties it down to the back of the chair and then he puts a trash bag over her head."

Investigators believe that Harris was a random victim, killed as a threat to Grace Davis, a woman who had temporarily lived with the Jenkins and was romantically involved with both of them.

Police said a few weeks after Davis moved out of the Jenkins' home, the body parts were found outside an apartment on Cleveland Street and a house on Rose Avenue.

Investigators said Davis' aunt lived at the Cleveland Street location, and her mother had just moved out of the Rose Avenue home. Court testimony revealed the body parts were accompanied by letters that threatened to dismember Davis if she did not pay a $10,000 debt.

If convicted, Clarence Jenkins faces a life sentence.

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