Saturday, June 16, 2012

Man Found Dead Hanging from Apartment Window,0,7638711.story#ixzz1y0sa3dqn


Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies say a man accidentally killed himself while trying to climb into his apartment window Friday.

Stunned stares and concern along Elkhorn Boulevard Friday night as people came face to face with the tragic and unexpected. They saw a neighbor's body hanging out of his own apartment window.

The man was identified Saturday morning as 28-year-old Kyle Fortunato.

"That was kind of like of a shock," said a fellow renter who only wanted to be known as “Miss Vanessa.”

"To see him dead like this, I'm just wondering why? Why? It's a waste of life," said friend and close neighbor Tim Davis.

Some people gathered in front of the Watercrest Apartments say they heard gunshots just before spotting the body, and think someone jumped from another window in the unit. Deputies say nothing of the kind happened in this case.

The coroner has confirmed Fortunato's injuries are a result of the broken window glass.

And for those buying into rumors that this was a lover's spat gone horribly wrong, a dear friend who wanted to remain anonymous says 'no.'

"She loved him and he loved her. They were a family," she said.

Fortunato and the girlfriend who lived with him, shared an 18-month-old baby girl.

Many onlookers complained about slow response time after they reported the body stuck in the window to authorities.

Investigators want the public to know once someone is confirmed dead, the scene has to be preserved until it's determined if a crime has been committed.

After that determination, the body and other items in the area can be moved.

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