Thursday, June 7, 2012

Old Water Bill Keeps Family Out Of New Home


Shanna Gossett and her family were excited about moving into their new home but that excitement quickly turned to frustration.

"We went to turn on the water and the water company told us that they were unable to turn on the water because of a delinquent account," Gossett said.

The house was a recent foreclosure taken over by Platinum Properties.

"There was a past due water bill that you need to get paid before that water could be restored, which is typical for foreclosed property," Rachel Justman with Platinum Properties said.

The problem kept Gossett's family out of their new home for nearly two weeks.

"We were ready to go home and our children were ready to go home,” Gossett said. “We have a nine-year-old and a two-year-old that just kept asking us, can we go home.”

Platinum Properties says it took care of the problem as quickly as it could.

"It has been restored,” Justman said. “I believe that was as of one o'clock yesterday afternoon."

But Gossett feels she can’t trust Platinum Properties anymore.

She got an eviction notice on her door for refusing to pay for the days there was no water, even though the company said she didn't have to.

"We were unable to actually live in the house and we actually wrote them a letter asking them to wave that," Gossett said.

"I understand the concern, of course, but they have nothing to worry about,” Justman said. “There’s no reason why they would have to pay for a property that they were unable to live in."

Platinum Properties says it can usually solve these types of disputes without police or legal involvement.

But Gossett says she's fed up, and even called police at one point in hopes of speeding up the process.

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