Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Christian Extremist wants Atheist Registry (WTF)

Florida pastor, Michael Stahl has suggested that an organization and website be created that would keep track of known atheists. The website would list by city and state all atheists with their photos and some personal information such as place of business. It would not include a physical address which seems to contradict one of the main purposes of the site.
Pastor Mike compares atheists to “convicted sex offenders , ex-convicts , terrorist cells , hate groups like the KKK , skinheads , radical Islamists , etc..”  He claims that the purpose of this organization/website called, "The Christian National Registry of Atheists" is to inform the public of known atheists so that they can be proselytize to and their businesses can be boycotted.
How would a Christian proselytize to an atheist if the atheist’s physical address is not included? This author speculates that this distinction was made more for legal reasons than for practical reasons. Should an address be supplied by such a website, the organization might be held responsible for any violence that “good Christians” might perpetrate on atheists.

Interesting enough, when Christians come to my door to proselytize, I engage them in conversation and assume they take note of my location because the same groups almost never come back to proselytize to me and my family again. It seems that Pastor Mike just wants to be the next Pastor Terry Jones. This purposed organization/website seems more like a publicity stunt than a serious proposal.
Put Pastor Mike on your “watch list” to see his next stunt proposal. For the record, Pastor Mike has no actual congregation. His “church” is an internet only organization. So I guess any Christian with a website can claim to be a pastor these days.
Thanks to PZ Meyers for the story.
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