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A wealth of information about Deep Web (56K WARNING; ALSO DISTURBING CONTENT)

First of all, those of you who come across this post undoubtedly want to know just what the fuck the Deep Web is... This article should help to explain it a little bit..

The deep web is usually defined as the content on the Web not accessible through a search on general search engines. This content is sometimes also referred to as the hidden or invisible web.

The Web is a complex entity that contains information from a variety of source types and includes an evolving mix of different file types and media. It is much more than static, self-contained Web pages. In fact, the part of the Web that is not static, and is served dynamically "on the fly," is far larger than the static documents that many associate with the Web.

The concept of the deep Web is becoming more complex as search engines have found ways to integrate deep Web content into their central search function. This includes everything from airline flights to news to stock quotations to addresses to maps to activities on Facebook accounts. In the screenshot below, notice the various deep Web sources offered by Google, including images, maps, news, video, shopping, scholarly content, blogs, and so on. However, even a search engine as far-reaching as Google provides access to only a very small part of the deep Web.

Content on the deep Web

When we refer to the deep Web, we are usually talking about the following:

The content of databases. Databases contain information stored in tables created by such programs as Access, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. (There are other types of databases, but we will focus on database tables for the sake of simplicity.) Information stored in databases is accessible only by query. In other words, the database must somehow be searched and the data retrieved and then displayed on a Web page. This is distinct from static, self-contained Web pages, which can be accessed directly. A significant amount of valuable information on the Web is generated from databases.

Non-text files such as multimedia, images, software, and documents in formats such as Portable Document 
Format (PDF) and Microsoft Word. For example, see Digital Image Resources on the Deep Web for a good indication of what is out there for images.

Content available on sites protected by passwords or other restrictions. Some of this is fee-based content, such as subscription content paid for by libraries or private companies and available to their users based on various authentication schemes.

Special content not presented as Web pages, such as full text articles and books
Dynamically-changing, updated content, such as news and airline flights

This is usually the basic,"traditional" list. In these days of the social Web, let's consider adding new content to our list of deep Web sources. For example:

Blog postings
Discussions and other communication activities on social networking sites, for example Facebook and Twitter
Bookmarks and citations stored on social bookmarking sites

As you can see, based on these few examples, the deep Web is expanding.

Apparently, if this copypasta has any truth to it, and it isn't just one huge elaborate troll by 4chan or the like, there's also another lesser-known area within the Deep Web known as TsalalNet... An area that contains pretty much the worst of the worst. Check this out...

"A lot of discussion has been going around on the subject of the Deep Web (also called Deepnet, the invisible Web, DarkNet, Undernet or the hidden Web), though little has been discussed on TsalalNet. I could understand why though, it's one of the more obscure sites in there. Even for veteraned members of the deep web, it still remains to be one of the less discussed sites on there. TsalalNet is a site reserved for the unexplainable areas of the deep web, a place dedicated to media and discussion of the strange and unusual. Most videos and images contain the usual content found on deep web sites, including child pornography, snuff videos, etc. but with what is described by many as an unusual edge or underlying factor to it all.

The content found in TsalalNet may trouble even some of the most adventurous members of the deep web. For example, the raw footage of acts including necrophilia or snuff contain a layer of the mystical or unnatural that could not be explained. Unworldly sounds are heard in accompaniment to the usual grotesque sounds, whilst visuals suggest something ritualistic at play. This can even be found in porno
graphic content, with videos of nude children covered in animal entrails becoming subjects to strange ceremonies performed by men in dark suits. Popular videos include footage of women having miscarriages of grotesque creatures, complex and perhaps occult snuff videos, videos of unexplainable events deemed too graphic and unusual for other sites, and more."

Another random Deep Web testimonial so that you can have a better idea on what to expect from the Deep Web...

"I saw all kinds of ****. My roommate about four years ago was fascinated by this kind of stuff, the idea that there was a hidden internet world tucked away that most people didn't know about. He was gone for a semester on academic probation and spent whole days at a time digging through the dark web (the dark web is painfully slow). Like I said, most everything below the Hidden Wiki is illegal or sick because again, if it wasn't, there'd be no need to hide it and if it was benign, it would be on stuff like the Hitman page (which is really just a death pool so kiddies can pretend they are 1337 h4x0r5 for being on a .onion page).

He eventually gave up because he got numb and was seriously losing faith in humanity and this is a guy who wouldn't wince at the BME pain olympics or the Ukrainian losers who beat a man to death with hammers. It's the worst of the worst. Personally, I was marginally curious because of the idea of a secret world but then you realize the reason why this world exists. I guess I'm a pussy compared to my roommate because the stuff I briefly glanced at or the stories I heard from him made me sick to my stomach. The CP stuff is well known but there's information on human trafficking rings, rape tourism (which happens in the US even! They happen on occasion in Native American reservations), animal cruelty that will turn anyone into a hardcore PETA/ASPCA member, and hackers lurking at every turn.

Avoid avoid avoid

I understand the idea of this hidden underworld is enticing but nothing good exists here. I will stop posting after this about the subject because I'm getting repetitive at this point.

For the record, my roommate never had an FBI visit and everything turned out fine for him in the end. My roommate was just depressed (he was a genius who stopped showing up to classes is all) and wanted to find out what really was there. Although the dark web experiment took a pretty big toll on him and these days, the only internetting he does is through a smartphone when he goes on the Facebook app. He pretty much gave up the internet after exploring the dark web. I can't imagine people spending large bulks of their time (or worse, their livelihood) on it."

Some highly informative threads about the Deep Web... (mind blown @ this infographic about the deep web) (U aware of hidden wiki?) (Deep Web mind=blown) (The Hidden Wiki - How to enter/ My experiences on it) (On The Deep Web As We Speak (GTFIH)) (Decided to have a look through the 'Deep Web') (just emerged from the deep web... (srs)) (How To Access THE HIDDEN WIKI (Deep web, secret Internet))  (have you heard of the DEEP web?) 

2/02/12 EDIT: Alright... I'm going to be perfectly honest here with everyone... I don't know myself how much of this Deep Web shit is true, and how much of it is fake... But I know that all that weird "Quantum Computing" and "primarch" shit was an exaggeration or an outright hoax to make the Deep Web sound more interesting.

Regardless, I know there's plenty of gore, CP, drugs, and incredibly disturbing articles and links about human experimentation, assassinations (most of it's just trolls, but still), how to kidnap children, and some Lolita Sex Slave Doll shit, where some sicko claims to make living sex dolls. That "Lolita Sex Slave Doll" shit was most likely written by some extremely sick, depraved troll with one INCREDIBLY FUCKED UP fetish, but it's still incredibly disturbing nonetheless, and there are INDEED some people who are sick enough to do that shit.

As for the TsalalNet shit, though... If anybody's crazy enough to check for themselves whether that shit is real, feel free to let me know more about what type of shit lurks there. I actually almost HOPE I'm getting trolled with that TsalalNet copypasta shit after reading it, but I digress. I'm always willing to find out more about the Deep Web. Until OP knows for sure exactly what's going on in the Deep Web, he is a faggot, and will remain a faggot. 

04/20/12 EDIT: Here are a few pictures from the Deep Web that I've come across... While many of them are relatively harmless, and some may even be informative, there are quite a few pictures that will most likely scar you for life. Seriously, some of these pictures are EXTREMELY disturbing. The first picture will be something both somewhat humorous and completely true, so as to capture what YOU, the reader, will be feeling when you get done gazing upon the rest of these pictures or spending a significant period of time surfing the Deep Web for yourselves. If you wish to see but a small sample of the horrors that await you on the Deep Web, scroll down a bit... Just know that you have been warned.


  1. you watch too many movies son.
    things don't work like that... what the fuck is this 'quantum computing' required for higher level exploration? the only difference is that quantum computing uses a different method of computation which is faster, it's not some superpowerfull force like you would say...
    the 'primarch system'? sure, we accidentally created this void that exists and sends mysterious signals out to the world?

    "solving quantum mechanics"... anyone who actually knows shit about quantum mechanics knows it isn't a puzzle that works like that,,,

    why the fuck is 4chan level 2? if anything thats level 1, if that.
    aggregators like reddit are no way a level above everything else. what does that make stumbleupon? by the very existance of aggregators pulls most things that would be considered 'level 1 or 2' to level 0.
    there is so much bullshit you just pulled out of your ass to sound technical-

    -oh. 7/10, because I raged enough to type this much up

    1. Don't underestimate us.

    2. 4chan is definately a level 1. It's accessible by google for fucks sake. It doesn't take any protocols or i2p programs to access it. Shit, 4chan is basically ran by 12 year old faggots.

    3. "I’d attribute this to being a result of the combination of our attitude to drugs and our laws surrounding drugs.

      The majority of Australians for a while now have wanted Marijuana to be legalized, but nothing in terms of law to allow for this has passed. In some areas it’s decriminalized, or simply ignored by the law (look at Nimdim). I think this has made Australians more comfortable with using the sites than other countries with generally more negative views and harsher laws on drugs."
      Crazyask the DarkWeb Howmate

  2. there are some parts of 4chan on level 4, but you need a 4chan gold account

  3. LOL That gold account shit wont die XD

  4. mfw marianas web is a troll
    mfw i have no face

  5. anon the stuff he been saying here are not completly nonsense, for exaple, there is no such level chart to be exact.. however there is a deepweb, and every rumour about the deepweb is mostly true, people just can't accept stomach the fact that this is the real deal, and its going on everyday.
    so to clear some things out:

    - mariana's web DOES exist, i have entered myself to the home page without proceeding, to all you guys think its a troll then there you go.

    -the entire blabber about lvl's 5,6,7,8 are completly utter bullstack, its a copy pasta going around the web that's not even edited for a long time, some people just continue posting it.

    -for your question op TsalalNet i couldent reach though all my experience, probably some 90's underground sh*it. but i did found a domain, and it shut off my internet for about 20 mins when i tried to get it, not just mine but the entire house which dosent make any sense, unless it also affected entire isp :O

    1. Lol at this faggot saying mariana's web exists. Yeah that onion site that you went to that told you not to continue without level 3 socket SQL encryption? The next page is Goatse with LOLOLOL written across the top. Gullible cunt.

  6. There's lots of BULLSHIT thrown around when it comes to the Deep Web. People make up stories.

    Fights to the death? Never found any of it...

    (Also, if those tapes were intended for sale it would constitute a REAL SNUFF video and, if ONE EXAMPLE of that is ever found, there is a 1 million dollar prize for anyone who can prove there is a real snuff video out there:

    "Since the early seventies rumors have persisted that murders are routinely filmed and circulated among a shadowy clientele hungry for the most extreme forms of "entertainment." However, time and again, these claims are proven false; or, if a movie is located, the execution is quickly exposed as a fake. Law enforcement from New York to Los Angeles—and on multiple continents—has yet to produce a real snuff movie or even evidence of one. (Upright citizen Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine, has a longstanding reward of $1 million for anyone who can present a legitimate snuff film. To date, the money is unclaimed and probably will remain so considering Goldstein's current financial state). Still the mere suggestion of these movies actually existing is enough to frighten and intrigue."

    Make no mistake about it, there's LOOOOOOOOOTTTTSSSSS of gore in there. There's lots of people being killed on camera also, that's for sure. Lots and lots of torture too. Those I saw were mostly related to war stuff.

    But, to be honest, all the gore you'll find there is pretty much what you can find in sites you can access through google, if you look hard enough and know where to look.

    There are exceptions of course, mainly if animals or women are involved (in the Deep web (which is actually a pretty stupid name), stuff with children has its own niches and the day I wake up with the strong desire to be raped in prison is the day I'll click on those links).

    The most disturbing aspect is that you have all sorts of menus (suicide by pistol, suicide by shotgun, suicide by hanging, murder-suicide, crashes with survivors nearby looking at their headless relatives, etc...) and it is EXTREMELY organized for something so bizarre and... evil?

    Also... CP, drugs for sale ("safe" if you buy from someone with lots of feedback, although I wouldn't do it anyway unless you really know what u're doing), arms and gadgets for sale (everything, from swords to grenades to video cameras and pens (yes, pens...)), all sorts of books and documents on EVERYTHING you can think of (lots of stuff about kidnapping kids, blackmailing, making explosives, etc, but if you're looking for good literature or academic stuff you'll feel like you're in Heaven making out with god himself)... hmm... and CP.

    Loads of it.

    You don't even need to click on those links to know why you don't want to watch those. "8 year old boy etc etc..." *throws up*

    Unless you're into illegal stuff there's no real reason to go there, other than curiosity and VERY GOOD BOOKS and magazines.

    Go there once, replace your already lost hope for humanity for feelings of hatred and paranoia and then return to your daily life like nothing happened.

    Also, Russians.

    I repeat: russians!

    People who've been there know what I'm talking about... the most disturbing and violent shit you'll see is mostly made by russians. What the fuck is wrong with those guys???

    1. Too much Vodka lol or better yet once they run out is when they do crazy shit.

  7. At Level 5 you make contact with the SS Paranormal Division itself.

  8. http://dx37guvtyy7w_il3n.onion+/inde+x.html take out the underscores and the + thats the link to marianas web.

    1. No one cares.


  9. marianas web holds some secret government documents i mean fucking secret this shit will drive you crazy if your not mentally strong i mean from ufos different planets different aliens humans on other planets the Illuminati plans exactly and drug cartel fill outs and the list goes on copy paste it take out the _ and the + and check for your self there the proof but you need a heavy protection system

    1. Fuck you. I'm not going to open that link because: 1) I don't have TOR and a I'm not interested in getting it. 2) It's probable that it takes you to some CP shit or something like that. 3) Marianas web is bullshit, so level 6, 7 and 8 are. "Primarch System" HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. I like reading about it because it's so funny.

  10. NewFag(and dumbass) here, where the hell is "Read More"

    1. "Read More" only shows up when you're reading this on the main page. If you're directly linked to this post from another site, there's no "Read More" option... You simply see the whole thing, disturbing pictures and all.

  11. XD Got to love the Hitman add, what a desperate attempt to bilk someone of 20000 bucks! I mean, what is he going to do, sue you for not killing someone?? 40000 dollars for a hit, ridiculous, for that money I can get Jean-Claude Van Damme to kill someone. Never pay more than 5000 bucks for a standard civilan hit :)

  12. I guess the myth is true about circulating snuff films on the deep web because just a couple of days ago (may 25 or 26) there was a vide of a man that was tied of to the bed and subsequently stabbed to death with an ice-pick. He was later cannibalized and violated in the video. The origins of this video was traced to the deep web, so don't under-estimate the potential dangers of it. And fuck you Anon #6, go to bestgore and see for yourself. You have no idea what the deepweb is capable of.

    1. I mean, if such fictional horror/thriller movies are made, I think there would be high possibility that there might be people who might actually move it to action in real life.. You know fanatics exists, pychopaths exists, reckless teenagers exists... I believe there is every possibilities..

    2. I saw this video about a month ago and was not all that stunned by it. The guy is still on the run and I kept questioning if it was a fake since there was no blood coming out from where he was cutting him up to eat.

  13. hi there

    i don´t understand why everyone say there exists no snuff movie, in russia a man was killed by two guys
    the news calls them The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs you can find the video when you type 3 man one hammer very easily

    so i think its a snuff film a man is going to kill an it is caught on tape so ...

    1. It was in the Ukraine.

    2. This is a pretty late answer, but that video is (just like the one with the ice-pick) for 'personal use'. They never wanted to place it online for entertainment. Altought, I have no idea how they came on the internet...

  14. Fuck you all.
    Marianas web IS REAL.
    Snuff is REAL.
    so, get some time and search the deep web, ok?

    1. if any of you know whats good for you, listen to anyone who tells you marianas and snuff are real. they are real. they exist. go there, look for yourself, tell us we are wrong. it is 2017. it still exists.

  15. Thanks for the troll and the lulz

    wh1t3r4bbit was here

  16. Everyone of you is just as right as you are WRONG. Snuff is just as presented as CP. Think about it. You have pedos taping rapes and pics of innocent children. Even I not dare open the door and follow a link to peak ANY curiosity. I have no desire too.

    BUT seeing as how CP exists and we can all agree on that, why can't those who deny snuff a legitimate existence. It's possible for pedos to rape children in our society but not feasible for killers to make snuff. Let me clear up any confusion because it seems this is getting no where.

    You want proof? Only the few will search and find.ONLY the killers who so choose to prove legitimacy, will make movies with a straight 24- 48 hour live feed that saves and uploads to desired closed she'll. The reason most of you deny the existence and authenticity is because you fear it's reality. I want nothing to do with it. But the few that have seen real snuff won't give links and won't give names. The ones who claim go into what they saw and how real it was. I implore each and every last one of you to stray from this digitally viral neurotoxin. Stick to. Onions that you can impress you're friends with by showing them Tor and bragging about the BMR.

    Intelligence is the navigation to the lowest Web levels.

    Fasting curiosity diet for the unexplored and taboo

    and most important,

    Common sense is you're direction back out.

  17. wooot. . .


  18. Real snuff? Columbine video tapes inside The school cameras.

    9/11 twin towers people jumping out of windows, women holding there babies as they fall.

    Russian embellow exacutions

    Nick berg beheading

    Real deaths on tape. Real murders caught on video.

    Proof enough for snuff.

    Quantum computing for the lowest level of deep web??? Do any of you who believe this even know what quantum computing is???? Even the definition of quantum itself???

    Please research it. Just take 90 sec.

    you see?! The deep web only goes as far as Tor will take you. Marina... still have yet to find such a site. Yet if it were found would one reveal it? OR tell everyone for it to be slammed by the media and 12 Y/O kids. I say NA. Good luck on you're deep internet quests. Use common sense.

  19. i am beginner hacker i starter on deepweb a classmate of me told me about this guy is a pro he showed me even higher levels then 8 i mean 12,13,14,15,16 and 17 is the last he sedafter 14 he s PC starting to do weird so i met the deepweb like mont a go and i am still on a quest for this secret files and also want to be a confirmation on anonymous

    1. learn to speak english then call yourself a hacker ok?

  20. This is disgusting, but incredible at the same time...

  21. human doing shit as childsex doll aren't fucking humans anymore...

    sad era for te mankind.

    1. cannot sleep tonite :((

  22. Interesting...but disgusting.

  23. I'm not going to lie, I'm no expert, computer guru or programmer of some sort. I found out about the 'Deep Web' through a show called House of Cards, in which a journalist attempts to get the Vice President's phone logs using TOR to access the 'Deep Web' with the help of a fellow computer junkie at the office. They then simulated it to be an easily accessible network for your average Joe to look for hackers, or otherwise pursue illicit methods to score.

    I accessed the Deep Web myself last night, I went around the 'Hidden Wiki' and I was so confused I actually thought the Hidden Wiki is nothing more than a database for the not-so-appropriate information for average internet users. I was wrong. I found links to Jailbait, HardCandy, PedoChat, and other disgusting websites. And although I'm no pedophile but merely a 16 year-old curious internet user, I could not help myself, I clicked the links. I found CP, I was not in any way aroused, but rather skeptical. The pictures were shot with pro cameras, suggesting this is all the work of professional pedophiles. I never understood how CP was shared on the internet until yesterday, which confuses me even more, are people really not aware of the Dark Web/Deep Web/Darknet's existence? It seems to me that it consists of the actual internet and its dangers. I came across another sick bastard's website, which had nothing but a 2D picture of an 80s cartoon villain, and a gore video of a person being cut to pieces accompanied by a rather terrifying soundtrack. The entire thing was black and white but to me it seemed so real, however it might be the adrenaline and the excitement. I have never been truly terrified and curious at the same time in my life. I lurked around the 'Hidden Wiki' only to find more jailbait websites and links to child pornography, along with links to websites claiming to help you with finding the criminal who scammed you, or other not-so-legitimate services.

    Not being a citizen of the US, I'm not scared of being caught by the FBI and so I didn't use a proxy, I very simply surfed this Deep Web and found nothing but regret eventually. I'm not happy to know what I know, it has only lead me to hate the world I live in even more. I deleted TOR and promised myself not to visit this dark underworld again, but I can't fight the urge to know more. The stories and forum posts in the pictures above are disgusting but are proof to our world's monstrosity. Real or fake, these scenarios were orchestrated by amazingly disgusting and evil masterminds. I truly hope they aren't real.

    If I'm wrong or if I have misunderstood anything, please enlighten me in a short reply. Thank you.

    1. "it has only lead me to hate the world I live in even more"

      Have faith. Whoever is populating this "dark web" with content, they are a minority. I would guess it may be 1% of the population involved in the worst stuff. Yes, still a lot of people, but not representative of humanity. The internet / dark web may even gradually bring all of this heinous shit to light and be these people's own undoing. It's anonymous for now, but I suspect many of the people involved will become complacent and start making mistakes, as many criminals do. Vigilante justice may even begin to work it's way into these systems as well, as more and more people become aware of it.

      And, as others have posted, I think / hope a lot of it is exaggerated and hearsay. Not to say monsters aren't real, just that there aren't as many of them as you've been led to believe.

    2. Your comment has given me some kind of hope and faith in the human being. Although, I accept is a real nightmare to think that the deep web contains more than 80% of the information on the internet, if we equal numbers with the population that have access to the internet, so the percentage of disturbed monsters is more than the 1%, and it can happen that maybe your cousin or coworker is in there posting or supporting those acts!! What kind of world examples and education are we leaving for the kids? attacking their own kind and future is not quite a smart idea. Really hope some one beneath the onion layers is taking care of those bastards by leaving them get together and then Boom! exterminate for good that human viruses at the most unexpected moment. Again thank you...

    3. As someone who has researched the Deep Web as a whole for some time now. I have to tell you that the Dwep Web does not refer specifically to TOR. TOR is only one part of the Deep Web with other parts including Ip2p, Freenet, Gopherspace, old-fashioned BBS's etc. Other things that are in the Deep Web would be your alternative Top Level Domain systems that require connecting to specific DNS servers to be able to access, corporate, university and government intranets that are isolated from but still connected to the Internet, things behind pay walls, Usenet and its related technologies. The intranets vary wildly about what's in them, but they contain the vast majority of the information. By and large, if what I have read is correct, it is mostly old corporate spreadsheets and other boring things like that.

      Usenet is a decentralized system of internet forums that predate the World Wide Web and still exist to this day. You need a news server to be able to connect to them and generally that costs money. Other than pirated videos, pornography and spam, most of what goes on there from what I have seen is just tech-minded individuals and retrocomputing scene-related discussions. Most of the rest has moved to the Web.

      I don't know much about Ip2p, Freenet or TOR's part of the web myself, but I do know that they tend towards the same sort of content, I have no desire to, if I have a million lifetimes to see any of the darker stuff in there, so I avoid those. It is not known how much information they contain as a whole. In fact, Ip2p by its very nature can not be fully mapped or its total size determined because it relies upon people searching for content, for it to be saved. I am more interested in the technology rather than the contect of the Deep Web, to tell the truth.

      BBS's also predate the Internet but most of these can be connected to through telnet connections. You need a telnet client such as Syncterm to get to these for the most part. There is no way to tell how much information or how any of these are out there. Some can only be accessed through dialing them up however. The stuff that is mainly found on these, these days, is retrocomputing, BBS-related topics, retrogaming, and ansi art. These are also something of time capsules that allow you to experience the Internet before the days of the web. Note that these are mostly run by hobbyist so please respect the Sysop and their rules.

      Alternative Top Level domains are parts of the Web that can only be accessed by connecting specific Domain Name System servers that contain the records for them. Most of these are defunct and abandoned now that the ICANN has released the restriction on the names of TLDs and allowed pretty much any ending to be used. I've only used one and most of the sites on there were broken or nonexistent, it looked interesting though, a few people offering some technical blogs or services, by and large though, what was there, was mostly just mirrors of stuff you could find on their main website. However, .Onion would be another example of an alternative TLD as would .BIT.

      Gopher is a no defunct former competitor of the Web in terms of the system that would form the basis for the basic universal form of the Internet. It is limited to text-based systems only and though mostly abandoned, there are some enthusiasts that still maintain sites for it. The best way to access Gopher is through the use of the Overbite Firefox addon. Not really much in gopher space that is of interest. It was rather boring to be quite frank. But it is there if you so choose to seek it out.

    4. Part 2:

      Paywalls, everyone knows what these are. These include anything from MMORPG systems with subscription fees to sites that require money to access their content, to academic databases that are filled with academic articles. The first are simple and easy to understand, those are games, go play some. The second are kind of a dying breed due to sites like Youtube and Wikipedia being free, and the last are by far the most interesting part of the Deep Web for me, they are filled with scientific, historical and literary content for academics. These require either an expensive subscription fee, or access to a large university (that pays the access fee for you).

      Other things that would be considered on the Deep Web would pretty much anything that isn't in a search engine, so most games and simulators that are online such as Second Life or Everquest or the like. basically, if it has its own client you need to access it, it's automatically Deep Web content by its nature. Skype would be included in that along with most of the IM clients, VOIP, arguably Mobile Phone apps would technically be too, but mobile web is generally put in its own classification altogether.

      There is of course all of the classified stuff used by a variety of governments and militaries. Most of these may or may not be connected to the net, by their nature they can not be known nor can their size or in many cases their existence. These would include DARPAnet, anything used by CIA, NSA, KGB, FBI and other such organizations. Not by business what is in them nor do I wish to find out. Looking for unauthorized ways in yourself is a good way to land yourself in prison, dead or generally disappeared. This would generally be considered the Charter Web or Level 4 of the Deep Web

      Mariana's Web if it exists I know nothing about. Let's see how things pan out in the coming decades as we begin to unravel the secrets of quantum computing. Also neural networks are in development, mostly used in scientific research who knows what the future holds in terms of computing for those.

      The rumors and urban legends are fun, but ultimately, at least for now, it is likely a hoax. Something for people to discuss to inspire, scare, and think about.

      Though, if there are extraterrestrials, and they have networked computers in all likelihood, this would be considered part of level five just by their nature. But hey, if I know about that, I would have written a book, not a comment on a blog post.

      There are likely other parts of the Deep Web that I have yet to know about feel free to write up follows extending this.

    5. UPDATE 1:

      Ah right I forgot, anything on IRC is also Deep Web technically. IRC is an old, perhaps the original chatroom services. it is a protocol on the Internet just like Usenet, telnet, SSH, or Gopher are. It is well, a bunch of chat rooms. but it is pretty well connected to the web, with plenty of websites and groups making IRC channels. If you want to know more about IRC, just look it up online. It's free and not secret. You can access it from the web, but search engines generally can not search it.

    6. Well the first part of my article disappeared.... gonna take that as a sign to not post it. There is a lot more than what I put there. It's just gone for some reason....GAH!

  24. yes....humanity has gone to shit with the raping

  25. thank you for posting this. a terrible thing to say, but my curiousity has, we mostly, be satiated and I think prevented me from doing my own deep web searches.

    1. Likewise, this has somewhat satisfied my curiosity to a certain extent. As I was reading through everything, I could feel my brain defense mechanisms go into play, as I was refusing to believe that what I was reading was real, and that humans are capable of doing such acts. It is sadly true, and this has most likely been happening throughout all ages of mankind. Now I am fearful for my little sister, and even any little kid I know, and I have truly lost hope in humanity, and if I had the slightest belief that a good man lives in the sky and watches over us, that's gone now.

    2. It was like a fucking train wreck, man. I didn't want to keep reading it, but I HAD to, since knowing how people do these things can prevent others from falling victim to it. It's funny how I always looked back in history, wondering what the fuck was up with people that they'd patch public punishments and invent new torture techniques, but I guess we haven't really changed much.

  26. All this just makes me feel more wrath and angst against humanity. I am still hesitating in opening the Pandora box but if I do, I will certainly get lost.

  27. you forget level 6 ,7,8

  28. Actually 1 bitcoin is equal like 400 dlls..

  29. Kinda want to know more about the "TsalalNet". Can't really get any decent info..

  30. If you really want to learn about the deep web without going there, here's a Youtube channel for you. This guy has been surfing the hidden web for at least 10 years.


    Defintely do your research. I have researched this topic for about a couple of years before finally surfing the hidden web. Good luck!

  31. I feel fucking numb right now. Man, this shit... I'm a young woman who just started studying to be a sort of educator (it's called "opvoeder" where I come from). I love working with kids, the disabled and so on. I also love cats, worked with them in an animal shelter for 4 years. Why am I telling you this shit? Just to let you peek at this anonymous person's life. And to tell you how a half hour on this page... my god. I want to gather all the children of the world, all the animals, all the weaker people, all the ones that can't fend for themselves and just keep them with me to make sure every fucking "weaker" creature on this planet is fucking safe. I want to go after all these horrible people and kill them. I always believed in the better side of humankind but after seeing this and knowing it's bigger than the actual visible internet... that worries me. The DarkWeb is big but please don't tell me that that goes for real life too. Please don't tell me there are more of these people and less of the "good", "normal", "people who are just happy with normal fucking sex". My god the way they talk about these stuff, it's like they see it as the most normal thing in the world! Who are these people? Could it be my neighbour? My teacher? My co-worker? That guy over there across the street? That woman over there? These are just normal people right? Or not? Let's hope not? My fucking god I am so discussed! Why am I so curious, god, WHY? But still, I think it's cool you put that out here. Maybe it's good people see things like this. Maybe it would be better if these things were public. Because someone would see it and have the actual balls to really to something about this shit. MFW. There are not enough fucks in the world to express how I feel right now. FUCK! You guys, I think I'm rekt. I'm so fucking rekt right now and I don't know what to do about it, but cry like a child.

    1. Fellow educator studying teaching, I actually found myself almost covering my eyes. I can't believe the Lolita one, if it were true it would be my mission to try and find that guy and fucking murder him. The man who molested his girlfriends daughter... can't help thinking of the 7yr olds I know and how devastated I would be if I found out someone was doing that to them. But as a teacher, we are taught to notice signs of abuse. I am so curious how the teachers didn't notice anything in her behaviour? I am going to be on high alert now, analysing parents behaviour, for fucking ever. How could the girlfriend allow that? I honestly don't understand it, what is wrong with her? We know he's a monster, but how on earth did he find someone willing to let someone do that to her children?
      I know exactly what you mean, thinking everyone might be a part of it. Seems like every day some high up person ends up being exposed as a pedophile, what is it about? Control? It terrifies me that people in positions of power could be doing things like this, on the deep web. It also scares me because, in ancient times it would have been harder for perverted sickos to meet up, and now they can do it at the click of a button, and be introduced to more and more fucked up stuff. I want to show this thread to people so I can talk about it with someone but I also don't want to disturb all of my friends for life!

  32. I mentally prepared myself for something else. That part about the child rapers and child killers was some truly sick shit. Then the aids spreaders WTF? I didn't know anything like that existed. Why would you want to purposely get infected with aids? Then rape people for the sole purpose of infecting them with aids. WTF. My mind is blown and am extremely pissed off. I cant even think of the amount of torture these people deserve because just death is to good for them. That shit about the infant I hope is fake that's just to sick to comprehend.

    1. Seems to me like when psychopaths find other psychopaths, they circlejerk over their psychopathic actions/desires.

  33. I find the topic of the deep web interesting but this article has convinced me that reading about it is enough. I don't need to go there. My dad always told me nothing good ever happens after 2 AM. It feels like we're talking about a part of the internet that is way past 2 AM.

  34. Most of the shit on the Deep Web is fake. I just want to put that out there.

    Back in the day (Maybe 8 years ago?) there was a lot of shit that involved HIGHLY illegal files and such, but the world has changed and much of that stuff was deleted or replaced.

    Anyway, everyone has their own opinions. (Or onions...)

  35. I heard of the deepweb this week and I find this website tonight. It's just so disturbing and disgusting! I will never go on the deepweb, just reading this blog kill my curiousity. Thanks you fot updating with your comments. (Sorry for my english, it's not my first language). And I feel like I broke the dark mood in this page with my comment, but whatever.

  36. If you are using tor brawser you need extra careful because the cops are watching it like a "Hawk" More news here

  37. This is fascinating. I had only ever heard of the idea of a "darknet" in the broadest terms, so I'm glad to have a firmer grasp on the concept. I am intrigued and quite curious.


  38. I wouldn't research Mariana's Web. You might just get too close to the secret of the Beast Computers.

  39. Thanks a lot for putting all of this information together!
    And thank all of you even more for all of your comments - It kind of gave me the feeling of not being alone in this scary world.

    I've been reading about the deepweb for quite some time now, have seen all the movies on YouTube etc. etc.
    I haven't been exploring the deepweb yet, mostly because I have no ''advanced'' computer skills at all. Google, YouTube, Hotmail, Facebook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, that's my shit, haha ;p

    First I got afraid, really afraid.. All of those twisted, perverted people do really exist and their cruelty lives amongst us, just waiting to pop up and fuck your life over eternally.. That was my first thought..

    Then I started thinking, maybe they are scared shitless themselves too! You know, all those twisted, derailed and evil people out there. If they really do live their lifes in this abnormal, not to say illegal way, then they must be paranoid 24-7 - Or at least someone should give them reason to be!

    I have also been reading about Anonymous PedoHunters and my mind was instantly drawn to the next level - What about finding all these evil people and actually kill them one after one. Stream it to all the those twisted fuckers, so they know the world is not their playground. I am no hacker, but if someone will help me, then I would be proud to travel the world and eliminate these nasty people one after one. That was my final thought. Actually make something of my life and do something of great value for our mankind.

    Is this a crazy thought? I would travel all around the world, except Russia. I have the finances, it's no problem.


  40. Dear Influential Individual, We are delighted that your life’s journey has led you to discover our organization. Maybe you have met one of our members in the flesh. Or perhaps not; we value anonymity. We see and know all just as a shepherd sees and knows all of the flock, our eyes peering over the masses to identify any threat. We are the bringers of new dawns, the guardians of the human species. We are the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, the Eternal. We are the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a collective of prominent figures throughout the world who have united to guard the human species from extinction. Our members bear the burden of a planet’s leadership with the lives of 7 billion in their hands. As the human continues to rise above its other animal counterparts, governing of the planet has turned into a daunting task. In return for their loyalty, our ranking members are presented the opportunity for lives of limitless wealth and opportunity. Once a member, the requirements are unimposing and often spaced between many years. Our requests are simple and therefore may be hard to comprehend, but disloyalty is not tolerated. You must understand this before applying. Members must fulfill their oaths to the Illuminati under every circumstance and recognize that they are merely one part of a much larger Universal Design. For centuries, our organization has separated individuals of outstanding political, financial, or cultural influence from the flock, and established them as shepherds of the human species. Perhaps you have already proven yourself in these fields. For that, the Illuminati officially congratulates you. Your dedication gives hope to us for the future of the human species. If you would like to continue to become a member kindly contact the following for more information-
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  41. I wouldn't research Mariana's Web. You might just get too close to the secret of the Beast Computers

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  44. That snuff being a myth stuff makes me laugh. As if humans aren't capable of such.. Google Andre Minaev, Necros-pedo, I bet screw magazine won't pay that 1 million dollars either.

  45. having been on the deep web before, i can say with certainty that while these things certainly exist, they exist everywhere on the web. you just have to be actually searching for it. i have been going on the deep web for a few years, and i have rarely, if ever, came across any cp or snuff. i guess it may be because i am not searching for it, but i do know that it exists. a lot of things that people say about the deep web are just plain myths or just over exaggerations. when people claim that cp, snuff, bestiality, necrophilia stuff, etc is just filling the deep web and is the easiest shit to find, i know they are bullshitting because it really isn't. most of those illegal materials are normally most likely honeypot websites too, seeing as the FBI and other government organizations are also trying to stop such material from being distributed. hell, the guy who ran silk road got himself arrested for doing something stupid and essentially revealing who he was which allowed the feds to catch him. the deep web is not a completely horrible place, and i would definitely say to check it out for yourself (be safe of course and don't do any illegal shit) before coming to any conclusions about it.


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