Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tyler Graham of Weirton, West Virginia accused of sexually abusing toddler, giving it an STD

Weirton man is accused of having sexual intercourse with a 2-year-old and giving the toddler a sexually transmitted disease.

Tyler Graham, 19, is facing one count of sexual abuse of a minor, but police said more charges could be filed.

Weirton police Detective Gerard Spencer said this is "probably one of the worst cases I've seen being here."

Spencer said relatives first thought the toddler had a diaper rash, but learned from doctors it was something else.

"Weirton Medical Center called us to come up there. A 2-year-old baby had just had surgery for wounds relating to a sexual abuse case," Spencer said.

Officials said Graham will likely make his first appearance in court on Friday.

Tyler Graham (lives with mother, Monica Graham)
Address: 309 Elizabeth Drive, Weirton, WV 26062 
Cell Phone Number: 304-374-9723 
Birthday: 6-17-1993 
Age: 19 
Picture taken from:
You can find more information about him at


  1. Should lock him up NEVER. Let him out!!!!!!!!!!!
    That poor baby.

    1. Too bad someone bailed him out already. It is absolutely disgusting.

    2. My heart breaks for that beautiful baby, I hope she has the support network to grow and excel and live a blessed life of peace and knowledge!

  2. Great job guys... i'm from italy and i will be proud to support you in any way is it possible for me.