Friday, December 16, 2011

Crazy psychopath named Paul Zhang kidnapping/killing cats in NYC

Don't mind me, just trying to do my part to help spread awareness about a cat killer that has been kidnapping and killing cats in New York City by the name of Paul Zhang... Seriously, if you have any information on Paul Zhang that could potentially aid in his arrest, PLEASE report him to the FBI immediately so that we can maybe get him off the streets for good. Get this animal-killing psychopathic menace in prison where he belongs.

You can find more information about Paul Zhang by going to . I'm just trying to spread the word out on what I know about his crazy ass in the hopes that it will result in him getting arrested.


 If you see an Asian man setting traps around known cat colonies - call the police, do whatever you have to do. STOP HIM. This man is a former cat rescuer who has 'snapped' and is now killing the animals he catches. He killed the 25 cats who were formerly in his care, and the cats who were in his TNR colonies. He is now targeting other TNR colonies, especially around the Bushwick Avenue/Cypress Hills area - but he is mobile.

This is not TNR gossip - Zhang has admitted his behavior, and claims he will NOT stop - he believes he is 'saving' the cats by killing them. He will target any cat he sees - including family pets.

The ASPCA and NYPD are notified, and they need the public's help in stopping this lunatic.


Asian, 5'5" - 5'6", 40ish, wears jeans, military haircut. Drives a light blue Hyundai hatchback, license starts with AZM.

You know, Paul, the list of things you don't know could fill a fucking phone book (like the fact that you didn't know anthony had a loving home), and the fact that you take irreversible action based on limited knowledge is what makes you so scary and dangerous.

The neutered "light colored orange tabby" at the boiler store was probably anthony, and the only reason he would wander so far from home was because you were putting food down, you fucking jerk. Obviously you have abandoned the principles of TNR, which means you were putting food down simply to gain the trust of these innocent animals so you could come back and trap them in order to euthanize them. That is so sick. And, in typical god-like fashion, you see these places and these cats as belonging to you-- "MY colonies; MYcats." How does throwing some food down on the sidewalk equal a colony? You don't live here, you weren't asked to come here, and you fed those cats only so that you could later prove some warped point by killing them.

You count my block as one of your colonies (I hate that possessive pronoun-- "My cats" "My colonies;" what made the cats on my block, which i and others have been feeding for years, suddenly yours?) You claim you've been coming here for months, but I don't think that's true. I first heard of you about 8 weeks ago, and you certainly were not here every day or I would have seen you. It's a dead end, people know each other, and people know that I'm an animal person. I work at home three days a week, and at night two. So I'm here at all hours. After I first heard about you, I asked people to knock on my window if they saw you again, so i could find out who you were and what you were up to, but no one saw you.

The other orange tabby, the twin, must be the cat I've been seeing on my block the last few nights. It's been freaking me out because he looks so much like anthony, but he runs when I call him. I'm sure he's over here because you haven't been leaving food over there.

I went over to your other "colony" last night to feed the cats-- not for you, but for them. There were no cats there. I left a bunch of dry food, but I won't do that again. The neighbors really don't like it. And here's another thing you don't know. Miss Lee feeds in her back yard, which backs up against the houses on that boiler store corner. So on those days when the cats weren't there and you were convinced they must be starving to death and would be better off humanely killed, because nobody cares but you, and nobody does anything but you, and you know that euthanasia is the only answer; on those days, Paul, when you didn't see the cats, they were probably in Miss Lee's back yard eating arroz con pollo.

I'm not going to feed "your'" pseudo-colonies. I have been feeding the cats on my block for years. They come to my window when they're hungry, and I bring them out food, and when they're finished I throw away what they haven't eaten. Forgive me if i'm not doing it right; forgive me if i'm not "certified." Look at what certification did for you.

Just look at the pictures. I don't see any of these cats anymore. It's not just anthony I am grieving for.

I don't want your money. Give it to some kind and responsible TNR person to help maintain a real colony.

--- On Fri, 12/9/11, PZ wrote:

I just want to follow up on a few more thoughts:

1) I feel very sad for what happened because Anthony did have a loving
home. Please don't feel insulted by my saying this: Too many pets get lost
and many of them have a worse fate out there than to be humanely
euthanized. I don't know why this happened but it did. If I could
bring Anthony back, I would. I could feel how much you loved him. Perhaps
because so many people abandon their animals, especially in Bushwick area, I
just made a wrong decision thinking, like all of the other cats, no one
would look for them. Many people have made physical threats against
me. You may have read my posting that I do not fear death at all and I look
forward to it because I have a firm belief of the beauty of the after life.
If it's any consolation, you will see Anthony again just as I will reunite
with all of my animals again. I don't think I'm crazy or psycho, maybe
I would rather choose loss of life over likely or potential life
of suffering depending on how secure I perceive an animal's future. I
chose to euthanize my own house cats because I couldn't bear the thought
that they may end up in a not so good home and that they may get abandoned
or got out by accident and never to be found again which I have seen far too
many times.

2) The Super of the building by the Boiler Room
occasionally put out left over human food which I don't believe the cats
eat. I've been putting a lot of dry food and sometimes a few cans of wet
food. There is one light orange Tabby that's fixed, and another
one, his twin not fixed. And the rest of the cats are not fixed. I
hope you can get them TNRed soon or have someone help you. If I hadn't
intervened that spot from 2 years ago, there would be about 30 to 50 cats
there. Believe me, it's a pleasure for me not to have to go back to Bushwick. I really hate
that area. Please take good care of the cats and hopefully all can be TNRed
soon. Please contact Evon from the Mayor's Alliance to see what she can work
out with you.

Please do not ever abandon those 2 locations at Bushwick. I will not go
back there again.

That missing cat Bee Bop has been posted everywhere since summer. Did Paul Zhang kill this cat in Brooklyn? does anybody have any information on Paul Zhang's whereabouts on July 4 weekend?


  1. Omg you are one sick puppy there are people out there who manage, feed and TNr these colonies and put their blood sweet and tears into these have no right to chose whether something lives or dies ...Mr Zang you are not god. Stay away from cat colonies you and your sick methods are not needed...anyone that would euthanize their own animal has deep rooted issues.

  2. "I don't think I'm crazy or psycho..."

    Dangerous, crazy people never question their sanity, you asshat. Instead of posting on one of the many cat forums you frequent or contacting former colleagues, you got depressed at the idea of cats getting "couldn't bear the thought that they may end up in a not so good home and that they may get abandoned or got out by accident and never to be found again."

    If you KILL them, there is no chance they will be found again or find a good home. Self-fulfilling prophecy.
    You are a psychopath, if you won't get help for yourself, stop "helping" other people's pets and looked-after animals, leave other living creatures alone and scrawl pictures of dead cats on the walls of your mother's basement, which is clearly where a complete loser like you would live, you sick fuck.

  3. Umm. Don't Asian Koreans eat cats? It makes sense if some Asians start eating stray cats.... or buy cats from the pet store to eat. Oh well, what ever stops world hunger, who am I to complain.


    1. Your comedic talent is non existent.

  4. it is the first he will be killing people...serial killers always start with animals...

  5. This lunatic needs stopping ASAP, because he will be killing homeless and sick people next, believing he is saving them.

    Stop this Phsycopath before he kills your pet next.

    He should be put in an asylum where he belongs. Or given a lethal injection after being kept in a tiny dirty cage for a few days.( Put Julie Banks in the same cage as him)

  6. "Killing is the ultimate form of violence. While cruelty and suffering are abhorrent, while cruelty and suffering are painful, while cruelty and suffering should be condemned and rooted out, there is nothing worse than death, because death is final. An animal subjected to pain and suffering can be rescued. An animal subjected to savage cruelty can even become a therapy dog, bringing comfort to cancer patients, as the dog fighting case against football player Michael Vick shows. There is still hope, but death is hope’s total antithesis. It is the eclipse of hope because the animals never wake up, ever. It is the worst of the worst—a fact each and every one of us would recognize if we were the ones being threatened with death."

  7. "If it's any consolation, you will see Anthony again just as I will reunite
    with all of my animals again."

    No you won't. Your Pets are going to Heaven. You are going in the complete opposite direction.

  8. "I do not fear death at all and I look
    forward to it"

    Why are all of the pet murdering freaks suicidal? Ingrid Newkirk is suicidal, she murders pets. This sicko looks forward to death, he murders pets.

    Either get psychiatric help and get better, or these chemically imbalanced killers should treat themselves with the same "love and kindness" that they treat murdered pets with.

    Isn't it amazing at how pet murderers speak of "humane euthanasia" (murder)so highly, yet they, unlike their victims, are still walking the streets of this cruel world, risking possible pain and suffering for themselves? If they think so highly of it, why dont those frauds ever afford THEMSELVES the same "wonderful exit" from this terrible life that they do to the poor souls who they, in their insanity, *claim* to love?

    I'll tell you why, because the pet murdering fucks are full of so much bullshit, they are mistaken for a Rodeo arena. They dont "care" about pets. You dont murder those who you love. You protect them. There are living wills, where you can ensure that if you pass away, your pets will be taken care of, protected and loved. I believe that North Shore Animal League America has a program like this. So dont shovel this "I kill because I care" bullshit into our faces. You care about your parents. Did you kill them too? You care about your kids. Were they killed? Of course not. Pet murderers, go fuck yourselves silly..

  9. P.S. I am not trying to get pet murderers to kill themselves.I am a No Kill advocate, so I dont want anybody to be killed..even pet murderers (although I'd like to wrap a baseball bat in barbwire, turn it sideways and stick it right up their's not life threatening to do so...they'll need surgery to be certain....maybe it is life's my point: I dont want pet murderers to kill themselves) I just want them to stop murdering pets.

  10. He is in Boynton Beach, FL continuing to trap and kill cats. Tonight he tried to humanely euthanize a perfectly healthy dog