Sunday, September 25, 2011

Valley dad jumps out window, shoots man attacking daughter (AWESOME)

PHOENIX -- Phoenix police say a father jumped from a second-story window and shot his daughter's ex-boyfriend as the man was violently attacking her.
Officers responded to a residence near 51st Avenue and Beardsley Road at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and found a man with two gunshot wounds.
Detectives determined the 27-year-old female victim and her ex, 26-year-old Daniel
Fuches, had been out drinking.
During a ride home, both began arguing about a previous breakup and the ex-boyfriend allegedly choked the woman in her front yard.

Police said the victim’s 56-year-old father heard the commotion coming from his front yard and, from a second story bedroom of the home, observed the suspect choking his daughter. 

The father reportedly yelled at the suspect to stop choking his daughter, but the suspect continued his assault.

Dad retrieved a hand gun and, seeing that the suspect was still choking his daughter, fired one shot from the bedroom window at the suspect, according to police.

The dad exited the bedroom window and landing on the hood of his own vehicle.

The suspect was allegedly still choking the victim even as dad approached them.

The dad apparently struck the suspect with his weapon, but the suspect still did not stop the assault.

Police said the dad then shot the suspect one time in the leg.

The suspect stopped choking the victim, grabbed a large rock from the ground and approached the father in a threatening manner, according to police.

The dad then reportedly shot the suspect in the groin area.
The dad, and several neighbors, called for police and fire assistance and police said the dad rendered aid to the suspect until paramedics arrived.
Officers observed that the victim had physical injury consistent with being choked and dragged through gravel. She was treated at the home.
This incident is still under investigation.

The suspect faces charges of assault. It has not been determined at this time if any charges will be filed against the father.

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