Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Registered sex offender Warren Andrew Jeffs wins election in small Texas town (RAGE)


The controversy surrounding city elections in a town in the Texas Panhandle continues. That's because one of the newly elected city council members has a checkered past.

A pair of two-year terms on Skellytown's city council were up for grabs Saturday. The results are in now and not everyone is happy.

That's because one of those spots is now being filled by a man who is a former mayor forced to resign. He is also a registered sex offender.

Everywhere you look in Skellytown, there are signs of support for Warren "Red" Mills, which is why him winning one of the two open seats should come as no surprise.

But Mills is a registered sex offender with a history that includes jail time for sexual contact without consent and probation for separate allegations of sexual contact with two minors. That made him an unlikely candidate for city office.

But according to city officials, Mills is allowed to hold the position because he does not have a felony conviction.

Some residents still don't like it. Some say it was inappropriate for him to run in the first place and even more inappropriate for him to win.

Others are disappointed. But his supporters say he is a good man who will do good things for their city.

Mills and the other newly-elected council member, Ashley Taylor will be sworn in at the city council meeting on May 22, where the floor will be open to public comment.


This guy raped two girls, aged 8 and 16, in 2007... HE FUCKING RAPED AN 8-YEAR-OLD GIRL... And he not only got probation, but the people of Skellytown, Texas, chose to vote him in as a city council member? 

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