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The Jimmy Lee Cook Arrest News Report (Will update as time goes on)

A man authorities say was homeless and living in a tent off Timberlake Road has been arrested and charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor.
Federal charges were filed against Jimmy Lee Cook, 42, last week in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Indiana after investigators found sexually explicit videos of a minor on the YouTube website, according to search warrants filed in the case.
“… there is probable cause to believe Jimmy Lee Cook has used, persuaded, induced or enticed an 11 year old female victim to produce child pornography … and that he distributed and possessed child pornography,” the warrant states.
The warrant was filed to search Cook’s tent, located in a wooded area beside the Food Lion on Timberlake Road on property owned by Calvary Baptist Church, as well as any satchels or bags for computers and equipment that could be used to distribute pornography.
The church, the warrant said, did not give Cook permission to stay on its property and considered him to be trespassing.
The investigation began when the Kokomo Police Department in Indiana received a CyberTip report claiming that Cook, using usernames of “naughtyboyplays” and “justaguyk” among others, enticed a 12-year-old girl from Kokomo, Ind. to “produce sexually explicit videos of herself and then upload these videos to YouTube,” according to the warrant.
During an interview, the girl told investigators that a man had solicited her over the Internet to record sexually explicit videos of herself and upload them. She made between five and 15 videos, often using her laptop’s web camera, the warrant said.
The girl told investigators that the man posed as a teenager but she knew he was older, about 35, the warrant said.
The warrant said the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office had already been watching Cook based off an investigation in New Jersey involving a subject who “had been communicating with, and soliciting sexual images from, a minor girl.”
Sheriff’s Office Inv. Robert New observed Cook using wireless Internet connections at the Timbrook Public Library and the Timberlake McDonald’s, as well as the Timberlake Burger King, the warrant said.
The manager of the Burger King noticed Cook in the restaurant several times, the warrant said, and once saw what she thought was a nude girl on his computer screen. He closed the picture quickly when he noticed her looking, the warrant said.

Court documents: Lynchburg man living in tent at center of multi-state police investigation

By Scott Leamon
Published: September 24, 2010
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Federal court records show that a Lynchburg homeless man living in a tent is at the center of a multi-state police investigation into child pornography.  A criminal court complaint charges Jimmy Cook, 41, of Rustburg, with one count of the sexual exploitation of a minor.
Investigators claim Cook convinced a 14 year old girl to tape video of herself undressing and post it on You Tube.
The court papers also read Cook is a suspect in a similar case of child pornography stemming from New Jersey.
A search warrant for Cook’s DNA and his tent say the Campbell County sheriff’s office had Cook under surveillance for several weeks earlier this summer.
A Campbell County sheriff’s detective tracked Cook to a tent in the woods behind a Food Lion on Timberlake Road.  The investigator watched Cook use wireless Internet service at the Timbrook Library and at least one fast food restaurant, a McDonald’s, also on Timberlake Road.
The court records claim a manager at Burger King actually caught Cook looking a child pornography inside the restaurant.
The manager told the Campbell County sheriff’s office investigator the girl looked “younger than her 13 year old sister,” according the documents.  She told police, once Cook saw her, he slammed his laptop shut.
An investigator from Indiana came to Lynchburg last week to participate in the search of Cook’s tent.
The Campbell County sheriff’s office investigator found four DVDs containing child pornography inside the tent hidden in box of Cheerio’s, according to the complaint.
When confronted later in a police interview, the documents claim Cook at first denied knowing about the DVDs, then later confessed.
In a court hearing earlier this week in Charlottesville, Cook elected to have his arraignment to the charge in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis.
Police say the case is still very much under investigation.

Police: Lynchburg homeless man’s cyber victim count over 100

Campbell officials looking for possible victims of online predator
Jimmy Lee Cook
By Scott Leamon
Published: October 04, 2010
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Investigators handling the Jimmy Cook case say they now have a victim list totaling more than 100, almost all underage girls, and have found 200 potential child pornography videos on one of Cook’s computers.  The Campbell County sheriff’s office, FBI, and a pair of local Internet Crimes Against Children task forces, moved in and arrested Cook last month.
Federal court records claim he spent most of the summer living at a crude campsite behind the Food Lion on Timberlake Road in the Timbrook community.
Ironically the woods Cook picked to camp are owned by a church.
Cook is charged with the sexual exploitation of an underage girl from Indiana.  Federal court records claim Cook admitted to hiding child pornography inside a box of Cheerios.
Campbell County sheriff’s office Detective Robert New, the lead investigator on the case, said, much like how drug dealers cycle through cell phones, Cook went through 19 different user names on several teenage chat room websites while posing as a 16 year old boy.
“As people found out [Cook] was not who he claimed to be, he would change screen names and go back into those chat rooms,” New explained.
A Burger King employee on Timberlake Road told investigators she caught Cook looking at images of child pornography inside the restaurant.  The Burger King is a short walk from Cook’s campsite.
The employee later told investigators the image of the girl Cook was viewing couldn’t have been much older than her sister, whom is not yet a teenager.
Investigators have only identified four if the potential 100 victims they’ve found so far.
If you suspect you can help in the investigation, call the Campbell County sheriff’s office at (434) 546-7449.
You can view a list of Cook’s user names from investigators below:
  • Tonytiger4U
  • Rockint1
  • Fasttony3892
  • Tomycarsgirls
  • Videobossman4u
  • Jimmyjam14u2c
  • Tony
  • thebluegirl98
  • luvyashawty
  • naughtyboyplays
  • clueseeker100
  • justinchambers100
  • rockintonyt
  • thejerseygirl98
  • bobbyyy94
  • justaguyk
  • steveflirtswitu
  • billylvscars
  • romeos911
Police say Cook also frequented several places on-line including:
  • Tinychats
  • YouTube
  • LimeWire
  • Yahoo chats
  • Hotmail

Lynchburg man living in a tent arrested as one of the nation’s most wanted child predators

43-year-old Jimmy Lee Cook is accused of using free wifi access at local restaurants to get pornographic images from young girls

One of the nation’s most wanted child predators is behind bars after local investigators found him living in a tent behind a Campbell County church.
Jimmy Lee Cook is facing federal charges of sexually exploiting minors.
Investigators believe the 43-year-old has at least 25 victims in multiple U.S. states, and parts of Canada and the the United Kingdom.
When Cook was arrested in September, investigators say he was living in a tent behind Calvary Baptist Church on Timberlake Road in Campbell County.
Investigators believe Cook picked this spot because it’s close to at least three fast food restaurants that offer free wireless internet.
Cook is accused of using his laptop computer to log on to the free wi-fi.  Once he was in, investigators say he accessed chat rooms that are supposed to be for children – sites like “Tinychat.”
Investigators say Cook pretended to be a 16-year-old boy and asked young girls to send him sexually explicit images.
Search warrants filed in Federal court allege that a 12-year-old girl in Kokomo, Indiana was repeatedly asked by Cook to upload pornographic videos of herself to her YouTube account.
Cook’s case is being handled by the F.B.I. and he’s currently charged in Indiana.  He could face more charges in other places, because investigators are still trying to identify victims.
Authorities say Cook used the screen names below on web sites that include Tinychat, YouTube, Limewire, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
Tonytiger4U, thebluegirl98, thejerseygirl98, Rockint1, luvyashawty, bobbyyy94, Fasttony3892, naughtyboyplays, justaguyk, Tomycarsgirls, clueseeker100, steveflirtswitu, Videobossman4u, justinchambers100, billylvscars, Jimmyjam14u2c, rockintonyt, romeos911, Tony
If you recognize any of the above screen names, contact the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 332-9580 or your local FBI office.
Copyright © 2010, WDBJ7-TV
The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces (ICACs) executed federal search warrants on the person and property associated with Jimmy Lee Cook. This was the culmination of a three month investigation by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Computer Crimes Unit and the FBI into the solicitation and manufacturing of child pornography. According to ICAC personnel, Mr. Cook was one of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC’s) “MOST WANTED”. Mr. Cook was arrested and held on federal charges related to the Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. Additional charges may follow a forensic exam currently being conducted by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, Central Virginia Computer Crimes Task Force.
Suspect Information:
Name: Jimmy Lee Cook
Age: 41
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5’09″
Weight: 149 Lbs.
Subject resided in Campbell County, Virginia
The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI request assistance identifying victims in this case. The suspect has been identified as Jimmy Lee Cook, a 41 year old white male from Lynchburg Virginia. Mr. Cook used multiple screen names online to include the following:
Tonytiger4U thebluegirl98 thejerseygirl98
Rockint1 luvyashawty bobbyyy94
Fasttony3892 naughtyboyplays justaguyk
Tomycarsgirls clueseeker100 steveflirtswitu
Videobossman4u justinchambers100 billylvscars
Jimmyjam14u2c rockintonyt romeos911

Mr. Cook frequented several sites to include the following:
Mr. Cook posed as a 16 year old boy, and he frequented online sites visited by young children. He would typically engage the children in an on-line CHAT, and would later request to see them via WEBCAM. Evidence suggests that the victims were located throughout the United States and Canada. If you know of any child who has had communication with this Mr. Cook, or have information regarding this case, please contact the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office at 434-332-9580 or your local FBI office.

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