Friday, April 27, 2012

Meth-For-Sex Sheriff Admits To Sex With Underage Boys And Date Rape Drug Abuse

Whoa. We didn't think things could get any uglier than Sheriff Patrick Sullivan Jr.'s initial fall from grace after being caught in a sting operation trading methamphetamine for sex, but the latest videotaped revelations are worse. So much worse.

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Sullivan is on tape during his police interrogation "vaguely" admitting to having sex with boys as young as 13, as well as using the date rape drug, GHB, to sexually assault an "at risk" 34-year-old adult.

He's admittedly guilty of both of these crimes, but he was only charged for the meth-for-sex exchange.

Local prosecutors say that Sullivan wasn't charged for the other crimes because his admissions are vague and they don't have an acknowledged victim or evidence.

Apparently Sullivan's own taped admissions of guilt aren't enough.

So Sullivan admits to having sex with kids and raping an adult, on top of dealing drugs for sex and he gets out of jail after 17 days for "good time served."

Is this justice?

Check out Sullivan's video interrogation here.

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