Friday, December 7, 2012

Missingno Creepypasta

Don’t even think of surfing near Cinnabar.

Don’t even think. …

I know you won’t heed my word, for the mystery still thrives beneath of what lies there in the depths of the sea. But if you do find what I mentioned, don’t go to Lavender Town again.

You think I’m joking?

Grab a chair, and cuff your hand against the table in disbelief, if you wish. But, nevertheless, listen. My words will speak for you.

I was the happiest child on planet Earth. I had just received a game of the newest phenomena -
Pokémon. Pokémon Red, to be exact. I was thrilled with all the new creatures that were awoken. And my Charizard… his name was… Flame? I believe? Yes, Flame. Him and my Raticate, Imperi, were priceless together.

Until I went to Cinnabar.

I wished to train Flame a bit. To put him up against his weakness to make him stronger. I… surfed using a freshly caught Gyarados. On the side of Cinnabar.


And… a glitchy figure appeared in its mist.

Missing No.

I fled, as quick as I could as a matter of fact. I was… terrified. Little things set me off.

I decided then to fly to Lavender. The calming music there might soothe my broken nerves.


Once I arrived, the music played. The synchronized, polyphonic beeps soothed me a little.

And then… in the midst of the music, I heard a wail that turned into a sickening screech. I noticed what it was right away. The cry of a Marowak.

A text box appeared.

It read - “You fled from mommy…”

A picture popped up on screen, a bloody mass of bones, convoluted in a black ooze, all seeping from a Marowak skull.

Text Box - “I wasn’t supposed to wear this skull… mommy was slayed for it… Kangaskan… I was
supposed to be it…”

Text Box again - “I love you mommy, but the midst of glitched figure Missing No. jumps around in my skull, fusing it to make me like you… just to die…”

A picture of a Cubone appeared, with blood pouring out of it’s mouth. It had dark voids for eyes.


Save File Corrupted. Please turn off Power.

And everything was gone.

So don’t ever make the mistake I did. You might find out more than I did about what Missing No. really is… and you might die for it…

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