Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dangerous Behavior (From

Dangerous Behavior

While we are quite accustomed to the BlogTV viewers that taunt broadcasters to provide personal information and to perform sexually on cam, we have long warned about viewers that may fall into the "more dangerous" category.

Over the past year we have observed several such individuals that we believe everyone should be concerned about. One individual who has exhibit behavior of concern has used a number of user names - among them "Vactiontime," "Summertime2011," "tmoabhass," "x1x2012xx1x," and the list goes on and on. The viewer is easy to identify as he has a very unique style of writing and uses the same basic tactics over and over. In addition to BlogTV, this individual has a number of accounts on Youtube and other social networking sites. The accounts that we are aware of feature one or two videos of a young boy - most likely "borrowed" from another Youtuber's page. We know that this individual has been reported to BlogTV on numerous occasions by both broadcasters and viewers alike.

What we believe makes this individual dangerous are threats and "stalkerish" behavior that he often employs to attempt to force young male broadcasters into online friendships. When the broadcaster declines he begins flagging the broadcaster's show without cause, and through the use of the numerous accounts that he has, become quite obnoxious in the broadcaster's chat. Please note that have no way of know if this individual is actual a danger or not. It could very well be that the individual has no intention of doing anything other than posting some menacing messages.

Take for example, the following posts to a broadcaster's comment wall which we observed today (click image to enlarge):

It appears that to further aggravate this particular broadcaster, the individual has created a user account with a name that is very similar to that of the broadcaster. Using this new account he is alleged to be entering chatrooms and making comments and causing difficulties, making it appear that the other broadcaster is the one making them.

Unfortunately, many of the young broadcasters on BlogTV are quick to provide their viewers with personal information about themselves, such as their Facebook pages, MSN addresses, Youtube accounts, etc. Often, after providing this individual with this type of information, broadcasters begin to get an "odd vibe" from him and then remove him from their friends list or in many cases, ban him outright.

It is then that this individual shows his "true colors," and becomes even scarier. Several broadcasters have indicated that once they have banned him or attempted to cease contact, he begins sending them frightening and threatening communications on through the social media sites that they have provided him with. Some have indicated that he contacts their friends and contacts on these sites to gain additional information about them. One broadcaster told us that he was especially frightened when the individual sent him a message calling him by his full name and indicating that he knew the broadcaster's telephone number.

Of course, we advised the broadcaster in this instance to notify his parents immediately and get law enforcement involved. While we believe this is good advice, many teens are reluctant to tell their parents about such incidents, fearing they might lose their online access.

(Click on images to enlarge):

Three of the individual's previous Youtube accounts:

Help stop this individual, and individuals like him by reminding broadcasters NOT to provide their viewers with personal information such as Facebook pages, Youtube pages, etc. When several viewers all join in to speak out against providing personal information the broadcaster's most often realize the wisdom in the message. When you observe this individual (or others behaving in a similar manner) create a chatlog and submit it to BlogTV and ask that they take appropriate action.

While we have no idea the lengths this individual may go to, his behavior highlights the very real dangers that online social networking sites can bring to unsuspecting and naive broadcasters. Let's help keep everyone safe and keep this type of individual off of BlogTV.

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  1. that cacawr.awwr stalkd me on yugioh vid
    even on facebook
    too,saying he knows my name age school,thank god i used fake information