Thursday, April 19, 2012

McDonalds Wants You To Fuck Its Sandwiches (from 2005; DGAF though)

This stuff never gets old. Nothing is better than when a giant company makes an attempt to be cool with their marketing, only to do something that is completely moronic causing the very audience it is chasing to mock them. One of my favorite examples of this is a Wal-Mart commercial I saw some weeks back that contained a fake family made up of some wildly talented African American actors who were working hard to show us that not only do black people shop at Wal-Mart, but it is very cool to do so. In an attempt to gain some street cred, the Bentonville company has one of the actors use the line "Wal-Mart has everything I need. No diggity." I am not making this up. (here is the clip).

Clearly this is not an isolated incident as evidenced today when I headed over to Page2 on I instantly was hit with a great McDonalds ad that can be seen below. Although I firmly believe that McDonalds is not advocating hot man on sandwich action, it is quite obvious that they did not do their homework on urban slang. If they had, it is likely that they would have realized "I’d Hit It" is not exactly the catch phrase to use when selling fast food.

Mcd0 Mcd1

BTW, yes, this is actually a thing that happened.

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