Friday, December 7, 2012

Fanmade Creepy Pokemon Black Creepypasta (obviously has NOTHING to do with the Generation V games, Pokemon Black/White)

If you haven't heard of Creepy Pokemon Black, it's pretty much you kill everyone with the pokemon GHOST. Considering the hype around the "game," many people have made fan versions of it. One was sent to me from a friend in Tokyo. Most fan-made versions are based on the original Gameboy pixelated style however the version I received was different looking as if it was an official modern release.

The first thing that struck me as odd was the title legitimately said "Pokemon Creepy Black." The entire title was black and outlined in a dark grey. Also the start menu background was an upper quality panoramic view of Lavender town tower with the Lavender Town theme playing. I personally thought all of it was a nice touch to the original claims on the plot. Then a trainer sprite appeared after pressing start. Looking as if the person had taken a character from a high quality PS3 game, the sprite appeared very humanly wearing all black school uniform with a blazer included save the white plaid on the black skirt.

This character also had humanly features such as slight dark marks under the eyes, real looking dirty blonde hair, cold blue eyes, unevenly curled hair, real tan lines, and hair displacement from the black headband with the little black bow situated on the left. It was odd considering the character looked almost exactly like me now with a uniform for a music school in Osaka. I shrugged it off as coincidental as it ask for my character name. I typed in "Sydney" and started the game officially.

The started without any asking for a starter. I expected there wasn't going to be one and that I would have GHOST the entire time, but even the "originial" asked if I wanted to use GHOST. I started off in some town. Due to the reality of the game, most of the buildings looked like traditional Japanese buildings taken straight from the real world. Suddenly I noticed a character wearing a pair of green camo shorts and sneakers with no shirt near what appeared to be a food stand. Upon approaching him, I pressed the button to talking expecting to see a dialogue box at the bottom of the screen. Instead the character started talking in perfect English in an Australian accent.

"Are you Sydney? I've been dying to meet you after what I've heard."

Shocked by the fact this character could speak and speak fluent English, I didn't even realize there was a microphone button at the bottom of my screen. Quickly though I snapped out it and started talking. "Yes, I'm Sydney. Who are you?"

"Miguel." The character stuck out his hand which my character quickly grabbed. "Did you really catch GHOST?"

"Yes I did."

"Do you mind if I tag along?"

"Let's go."

Miguel and my character left the town and immediately ran into some man. The man appeared to be in his forties and instantly started yelling.

"Miguel, you are not leaving. Do you hear me?"

I gathered it was his father or a relative. After a heated argument, the man slapped Miguel very realistically knocking him down and said, "If you want to be with a whore, I'll treat you like a whore." Where did whores come in?

My character immediately went to help Miguel up as I started yelling, "You have no right to treat someone like that!"

The man laughed and picked my character up by her throat. "I'll kill you first."

Almost as if by instinct, I made my character take out the pokeball housing GHOST, and dropped it to the ground. Without a word, GHOST appeared looking almost devilish and immediated went into CURSE. The attack on Miguel's relative was scary. He was enveloped in blackish-purplish smoke where only a sillouette was seen. Slowly the sillouette dispersed as the smoke did with only indication he was alive was a blood curdling scream.

After the attack, GHOST floated in front of my character and smiled a truly genuine smile as if he wanted praise. My character smiled back and I said, "Thank you, GHOST!" Suddenly the smile disapated and GHOST said in the eeriest voice, "You haven't named me yet, Master."

I almost wet myself at the voice, but I named GHOST, Mortuus. I figured it was a good name considering the word meant "dead" in Latin. Miguel, Mortuus, and I left the area to go straight into another battle. This battle ended in the same manner with the trainer dying and my character praising Mortuus.

Now that I'm thinking about the end of battles, all of battles ended in the same ritualistic style except for one. The last battle between me and another character named Samantha was different even from the meet. Samantha looked exactly to the dot what my deceased sister looked like even to the dress she died in.

"Suprised, little sister." Samantha had visible tears in her eyes along with my character.

Immediately she throughout a Charizard and yelled a command. Mortuus jumped in front of the blast, but it went straight through him then blasted my character knocking her out cold. Mortuus, now blazing red, engulfed both the Charizard and Samantha in flames. I was in complete and utter shock. Then Mortuus entered Miguel's body and possessed him to take care of my character until she regained consciousness, however even after my character woke up, Mortuus still didn't leave Miguel. Then the scene faded.

Then ending scene was the most interesting. Miguel and my character were getting married. This is itself was interesting. My character walked down the aisle with Miguel standing with a priest on the alter. After vows were said and a kiss was exchanged, Miguel pulled a knife and started ripping my character to shreds.

"You fucking whore. If you're want to be like a whore, I'll treat you like a whore."

Suddenly Miguel started to convulse awfully and bursted open in an explosion of guts. Mortuus appeared immediately on my screen and said, "This is your life." in the same goddamn creepy voice.

I decided to sleep it off. This helped some until I was awoken by a loud pounding at my door. When I answered the door, a young man in camo shorts, no shirt, and sneakers was on the other side.

"Are you really Sydney? My name's Miguel."

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