Monday, October 7, 2013

League Of Legends Gamer Posts Revenge Porn Of Girlfriend Because She Played The Game As A Character He Didn’t Like

Who knew a surefire way to incite rage in your  nerd boyfriend was to pick the “wrong” character when playing the video game League of Legends? According to The Daily Dot, when LoL gamer XJ9 — described as a “a very skilled League of Legends player who could be pro if not for his emotional problems” — found out his girlfriend Sarah was playing LoL as the character Lee Sin, he lost his shit. See, in XJ9′s view, playing the game as Lee Sin gives players an unfair advantage in combat, or some bullshit, so finding out his girlfriend was daring to play that way was clearly a dealbreaker. Instead of breaking up with her like a normal irrational, sad video game obsessed basement dweller, XJ9 posted nude photos of Sarah on his public Facebook page, where they stayed for three days before a fellow LoL player named Destiny threatened to post XJ9′s personal information unless he took them down. And Destiny got the whole confrontation on tape, as the two chatted on Skype while gaming. In the video above, around the 5:30 mark, you can hear XJ9 attempt to justify posting the “revenge porn,” explaining to Destiny why Sarah playing LoL as Lee Sin was a personal affront to him.

“We literally said to each other, ‘If I really hated you, the worst thing you could do is play Lee Sin.’ And that’s what she did!” he explains. Oh okay then.

This is not the first time XJ9 has used LoL as an excuse to be a complete shitbird to the women in his life. In mid-September, he admitted to hacking into an ex-girlfriend’s League of Legends account and purposefully losing five games in a row “to spite her.” (Apparently, five losses majorly impacts your overall standing in the game. TRAGEDY.) Posting revenge porn of his current GF is certainly taking the shenanigans up a notch, but unfortunately, posting revenge porn is not illegal in most states. I’m not sure how the gaming world of League of Legends is governed, but I hope XJ9 is punished in some way. (And, in fact, he may have already been banned by LoL maker Riot Games.) There are some in the LoL gaming community who believe XJ9 might have some mental issues, but there’s no real proof of that. Meanwhile, Sarah has already dumped him, for obvious reasons. (In other news, I’m still single, WTF.)

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