Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My LIttle Pony: The Movie

>Hasbro finally announces a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie to be released in theaters
>Bronies around the world scream in delight
>Meanwhile, in middle class suburbia, a little girl begs her mother to take her to see the movie
>Her mother takes her the day the film opens and gets an early spot in the theater
>To her surprise, the other people crowding in are not children and their parents, but dozens of enormous, rotund men with long hair, acne, and neck beards
>One such man walks down the aisle they are sitting in, his massive ass rubbing up against the mother and her daughter
>Disgusted, the mother gets up and tries to take her daughter to another theater
>She is horrified to find that other neckbeards are sitting all around her, and she can't get them to move
>She and her daughter are encased in a prison of lard
>The movie starts
>Sobbing, the mother and daughter remain seated, hoping to weather the storm until the movie is over
>When an instrumental of the theme song starts up, all the bronies sing it very loudly, scaring the girl to tears
>When the man sitting next to her raises his flabby arms to clap and cheer, she is assaulted with a noxious cloud of body odor
>The film continues, and there is a brief scene where Fluttershy's butt is front and center
>Suddenly, everyone in the theater goes deathly quiet, and for once the girl can hear what the ponies are saying
>Not for long
>Everyone pulls their XXL gym shorts down and begins fapping furiously to the scene which has already passed
>The mother grabs her daughter and holds her close, praying for it to end
>suddenly, audible ejaculations everywhere as semen is sprayed into the air in fountains, showering the girl in brony seed
>no easy task to clear the ground
>plant our tiny seeds


  1. The little girl is most likely just going to become a tumblr-trannie, bad-boy cock carousel rider, future Anita Sarkeesian or #metoo, divorce and alimony digger once she passes puberty (and is probably already mean and catty to the little boys in her class and/or playgroup), so I'm not sure what exact loss is being depict here.

    1. ...also, where is the father??

      Did the mother divorce the father, so he's moved to some stuffy craphole he can just afford while also footing the bill for her and her daughter to stay in that sweet suburban nest?

      Or is the father too busy working extra hours at his breadwinner job to attend family outings?

      Because if so, isn't the wife fucking the neighbour behind his back when she's bored?